Grace Under Pressure

A sparkling 8-part comedic, musical, radio drama series, original and unique, Grace Under Pressure follows “the simple story of a woman alone in New York in the ‘90s, an age of diminished expectations.” Inappropriate affairs, office sexual politics, pyramid scheme fraud, cynical art-world pay-to-play, sweatshop fashion, even the AIDS crisis, dealt with the light touch, suggestive humor and speedy delivery of screwball comedy. Grace under Pressure began as an Off-Off Broadway project in 1992, originally staged as an 8-part radio play complete with manic sound man, theme song and additional musical interludes. The part of Grace was written for the sublime Alice King and, thirty years later, it became clear that it was time for Grace to make a comeback.

A cast of first-class New York voice talent is led by Alice King as Grace McMoon, our heroine who loses her job in every episode and slides down the socio-economic ladder to find true love, fulfillment and job satisfaction. Each episode is complemented by the Singer-Songwriter acting as a kind of Greek chorus, with a musical interlude from a trove of original ‘90s piano-bar ballads. Created, written, produced, edited and directed – and inspired – by New York City working women.